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27 February 2021

NFT market top signal? Fake Banksy nets over $1 million in ETH sales

NFT market top signal? Fake Banksy nets over $1 million in ETH sales

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Starting on Sunday, Feb 14, frequent browsers of the NFT marketplaces Opensea and Rarible noticed an account named “Pest Supply” with branding and NFTs made in Banksy’s signature graffiti-stencil style.

In an email obtained by Cointelegraph, Banksy’s “legal guardian” Pest Control has denied any association with the NFTs.

Max Osiris, a prominent crypto artist, tipped off the community on that Banksy’s “legal guardian”, Pest Control, had denied any association with the NFTs in an email: .

This alone doesn’t prove that the NFTs are faked Banksy work, however, as Pest Control is known for denying association with ongoing installations.

Instead, the individual’s Rarible page is now the clearest indication that they are not associated with Banksy.

The individual was able to gain a Rarible “yellow checkmark” because they were not, in technicality, posing as Banksy, just using Banksy’s style and legal likeness

Sales for the individual’s fake Banksies continue apace, with at least a dozen NFTs purchased in the last twelve hours. 

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