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19 September 2021

Octaloop’s DecentralHacks 2021 About to Take Off

Octaloop’s DecentralHacks 2021 About to Take Off

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Fintech is gradually becoming aware of the transformative impacts of blockchain on the industry, and judging by DLT’s historical growth, developers will be the core of this journey.

The company has launched blockchain events many times since 2013, including hackathons, informal meetups, fireside chats with industry leaders, and educational talks.

It is followed by the hackathon that tests developers’ technical and creative skills as they strive to build innovative blockchain projects for the competition.

Participants will have an opportunity to engage with these leaders and discuss novel ideas through speaker sessions and Q&As.

To make it easier for developers to work with blockchain systems and design decentralised applications, DecentralHacks will provide them with all the essential tools for the tasks.

At the conceptualising stage, the participants would learn blockchain development basics and introduce themselves to developer tools used to build decentralised applications.

Creation is the last stage of the hackathon, where thousands of developers will be punching keys to build impressive DLT applications and win from a prize pool of thousands of dollars.

Blockchain can empower money, which has always been a fundamental element in the evolution of human society, and developers can be the core participants in uplifting this technology

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