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19 April 2021

Overly Attached Girlfriend NFT Sells For $411,000 - Decrypt

Overly Attached Girlfriend NFT Sells For $411,000 - Decrypt

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Laina Morris, the Internet celebrity who became famous after her Overly Attached Girlfriend meme went viral, today sold a tokenized version of the meme for 200 ETH ($411,000).

NFTs do not confer ownership—Morris cannot prevent anyone from spreading the meme, nor can the new owner of the NFT.

Morris received her NFT induction from two previous Internet celebrities who sold their memes as NFTs.

Other iconic memes of the Internet that have recently sold as NFTs includethe Keyboard Cat, which fetched nearly $69,000 on March 13, and the Scumbag Steve Meme, which sold on March 15 for $62,000

3F Music also bought last night the NFTs for Creepy Chan, a meme from 2005

“Money aside, minting the Creepy Chan NFTs allowed me to authenticate & stake claim on my image,” Allison Harvard, the Creepy Chan meme person, said in a tweet

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