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12 May 2021

People could be asked to watch educational video before investing

People could be asked to watch educational video before investing

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The Financial Conduct Authority said the current “risk warnings” on investments were often ignored by consumers, and it also floated the idea that people might have to disclose their salary and other personal information as part of the sign-up process for certain products.

It said measures it might consider included requiring would-be investors to watch educational videos on topics such as investment risk and “the benefits of diversification”, and flushing out those people who were not sufficiently knowledgable about financial products by requiring that they take, and pass, an online test.

Becky O’Connor, head of pensions and savings at the website Interactive Investor, said: “In a world of TikTok investment influencers and bitcoin advertisements on the London Underground, and at a time when some people are feeling flush after lockdown and keen on finding quick ways to make a profit, there are real risks that people will succumb to high-risk investments that aren’t right for their circumstances.”

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