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09 July 2020

Peter Mallouk: Now Isn’t the Time to Buy Bitcoin

Peter Mallouk: Now Isn’t the Time to Buy Bitcoin

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The idea amongst many analysts is that bitcoin is going to potentially hedge one’s wealth against inflation and other forms of economic turmoil.

Thus, the idea is that one should invest in bitcoin and gold – at least that’s what a lot of financial experts are saying, but there are a few out there who disagree.

However, more details have emerged regarding why Mallouk is so against the idea of bitcoin, and why he’s telling all his customers and listeners that purchasing digital currency of any kind right now is a bad idea.

This is the exact opposite of the advice given by “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki, who in a previous interview, advised people to buy up bitcoin, gold and silver – the three assets that Mallouk warns against – now that the economy in America is sinking.

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