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19 September 2021

Peter McCormack says why Bitcoin is the MOST important technology

Peter McCormack says why Bitcoin is the MOST important technology

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“It’s so simple, is basically a ledger that keeps a record of who’s got what that’s basically order.

And then suddenly there is this thing that they can’t do f**k all about, you know if I want to send you some Bitcoin, you get it.”.

And if I want to send it someone, if someone in Iran wants to send something, somebody in us, and they send that to North Korea, nobody can stop that. .

Bitcoin [is] so simple, it is just a ledger.

You get people able to send money to people they need, you get a country able to defend itself against the US dollar in El Salvador, you get companies able to protect themselves against currency debasement as well as individuals, you get people to be able to save.

And it’s a ledger that can genuinely or blockchain can do is genuinely changing the world again, I know it sounds hyperbolic, but it just is.”?

I even tweeted out: I said, “Okay, if Bitcoin has no use case, can you tell me how you can send a remittance from any country in the world to any other country in the world.

Just tell me how you can do that.

And if I want to get money to a protester in Nigeria, how can I do that?

Just tell me I can do that

Usually, people sending money to friends or family or the poor

People in El Salvador and us send it to their families in El Salvador because they need money for food or living.”

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