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22 June 2021

Pixl.One Announces Blockchain Advertisement Platform of the Future

Pixl.One Announces Blockchain Advertisement Platform of the Future

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Pixl.One also allows users to mint NFTs from any of their Pixel space, creating an immutable copy of memes and other art.

The benefits of course extend to advertisers – who will also be able to create collector’s items from their marketing materials, creating lifetime value from campaigns which would typically run from 2-6 weeks.

Within the Pixl.One ecosystem, users can earn interest by becoming liquidity providers to Pixl partners that have affiliate projects, with 5% of the fee being distributed to the liquidity pool.

In the coming months, Pixl.One has more exciting launches such as the ability for advertisers to create NFTs and increased partnerships with different firms that will see the integration of Pixl.One advertisement system within their ecosystems.

Long-term, Pixl.One core team will also give its users absolute ownership of the project, much like DAOStack and Aragon.

Through this, it will be the public that will dictate the direction and growth of the network, a truly Decentralized Autonomous Organization that has no central authority – a platform of the people for the people.While many projects claim to give control to their users, the fact is that they retain a significant amount of the platform tokens and retain influence, and Pixl.One seeks to uproot this tradition via their project.

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