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28 May 2020

Plans to Build $50M Bitcoin Cash Tech Park Revealed - Bitcoin News

Plans to Build $50M Bitcoin Cash Tech Park Revealed - Bitcoin News

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At the Bitcoin Cash City conference in North Queensland, the CEO of Code Valley, Noel Lovisa, announced plans to build a $50 million dollar Bitcoin Cash tech park in the city of Townsville.

Lovisa also told conference attendees that emergent coding will bring “a serious amount of economic activity onto the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.”.

Lovisa further said that with emergent coding, the company didn’t want to stop there and aimed to leverage the benefits of Bitcoin Cash City as much as they could.

So the company formulated a plan to create a Bitcoin Cash tech park based on Emergent Coding technology in Townsville.

This means the project will partner with the city to develop the tech park Lovisa revealed.

After the Bitcoin Cash City conference, spoke with Lovisa to get more information about the BCH tech park in Townsville.

With such a large innovation and recognising the many startups moving into the Emergent Coding space, it was decided that a Bitcoin Cash tech park would be the ideal vehicle to anchor much of the development benefit for North Queensland?

BC: During your talk at the Bitcoin Cash City conference, you mentioned 12 Bitcoin Cash focused tech startups in the area are involved with this project.

But coming back to your question, Aptissio may be the leader and furthest along with the application of Emergent Coding, however there’s Echt Fin P/L, Lexcode legal P/L, Bitcoin BCH P/L, Townsville Mining P/L, Appening P/L, Cyclone AI P/L, SatoshiwareNQ P/L, Townsville Technology Precincts P/L and several beginning to appear in SOCAL such as Straya LLC, Coactive Blockchain LLC.

Emergent Coding has a vast need for server capacity to support its design agents and is dependent on Bitcoin Cash, so we want to support the Bitcoin Cash network with some domestic mining.

Check out the full version of Noel Lovisa’s Bitcoin Cash City tech park announcement in the video below.

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