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19 April 2021

Prep time with Bitcoin: Students have fun new ways to study crypto

Prep time with Bitcoin: Students have fun new ways to study crypto

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The most recent "Young Persons’ Money Index," a United Kingdom-based yearly report examining the financial capability of young people, found that 83% of young people want to learn about money and finance in school, while 75% said that their financial literacy comes from their parents.

The cryptocurrency exchange and custodian Gemini recently partnered with Learn & Earn, an app that allows students to learn about financial literacy, while earning fiat rewards.

Michael Gleason, CEO of Learn & Earn, told Cointelegraph that the app was initially inspired by Junior Achievement, a nonprofit that prepares young people for success and seeks innovative ways to reach K-12 students to teach financial literacy, entrepreneurship and work readiness.

While the app takes a strong focus on crypto education, Gleason noted that the overall goal of Learn & Earn is to help students save and invest, thus learning more about finance.

While fiat rewards are currently being offered to young learners, Gleason mentioned that an option to earn crypto within the app will soon be available.

In addition to Learn & Earn, crypto education is progressing in various U.S.

Miss Teen Crypto realized that Bitcoin was the new store of value and started Googling questions to learn more about blockchain.

Despite the innovation for crypto education, some have pointed out that parents may be hesitant to let their children or teenagers learn about digital assets or blockchains

For instance, Gleason mentioned that while the Learn & Earn platform is easy for students to use and interest remains high, the parent account registration has become a challenge

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