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28 September 2021

Raining Cats and Cats in the Tron NFT Market | Live Bitcoin News

Raining Cats and Cats in the Tron NFT Market | Live Bitcoin News

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Now targeting the Tron community.Tron Cool Cats, a new project supported byPalmar Labs, is a collection of 10K unique randomly generated NFTs, pouring in the Tron ecosystem.

Tron Cool Cats is a copycat (pun intended) of the popular Ethereum-based NFT project.

Cool Cats is a collection of 10K randomly generated and stylistically curated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum Cool Cats NFTs quickly became the industry’s top collectibles this summer with the initial minting price for a cat being only 0.06 ETH.

Seems that the Tron Cool Cats collection will be among the pioneers of the fast-growing Tron NFT market.

Tron Cool Cats minting has already started, but there are still kittens to mint according to the information posted on the project’s website.

With the Ethereum-based Cool Cat’s prices that high, the storm made of Tron-based Cats won’t go unnoticed.

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