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02 April 2020

Remembering Tamás Blummer, Bitcoin Developer - Bitcoin Magazine

Remembering Tamás Blummer, Bitcoin Developer - Bitcoin Magazine

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Remembering Tamás Blummer, Pioneering Bitcoin Developer.

Tamás Blummer, a Bitcoin developer since 2012 and founder of several groundbreaking Bitcoin-focused projects, reportedly passed away on January 12, 2019, after a long fight with cancer.

Among Blummer’s contributions to the Bitcoin ecosystem were Rust Bitcoin, a project focused on creatinga Bitcoin network library written in the Rust programming language; CoinTerra, an early ASIC miner manufacturer; and Bitcoin technology company Bits of Proof, which was acquired by decentralized finance company Digital Assets Holdings, where Blummer served as the chief ledger architect.

“Over the last year or so, Tamás had been hard at work leaving a legacy of better bitcoin SPV client libraries,” Matt Corallo, a Bitcoin Core developer who has worked onRust Lightning, tweeted.

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