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26 July 2021

Retail Traders Pile On Shorts, Is This The Bitcoin Bottom?

Retail Traders Pile On Shorts, Is This The Bitcoin Bottom?

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Bitcoin has recently fallen below a $32,000 critical hold point and in response, retail investors have taken this as an opportunity to make money from the falling bitcoin price.

So many shorts placed in such a short period of time might show other investors that the price of the digital asset will fall eventually and thus, lead to panic selling.

According to this Twitter post, retail investors have been consistently short squeezing the digital asset as the market struggles to rebound.

This might show that the digital asset now more than ever might be close to the famed bitcoin bottom.

A user posted that this might lead to more of a cascading bottom that will be much greater than anything reversal.

Whales will use this opportunity to buy back the assets they had sold during the height of the market and retail investors alike will want a piece of that action.

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