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27 January 2020

Review: Coinfinity’s Card Wallet Provides Tamper-Proof Cold Storage - Bitcoin News

Review: Coinfinity’s Card Wallet Provides Tamper-Proof Cold Storage - Bitcoin News

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Card Wallet from Coinfinity is the latest product to enter the fray, providing a secure way for storing BTC and ETH offline.

The private key for the cryptocurrency address printed on the card is concealed beneath a hologram on the back.

The code printed beneath the Card Wallet’s seal can be thought of as Schrödinger’s key: until the moment it is observed through scratching off the protective covering, it effectively doesn’t exist.

As a result, you can send funds to the address printed on the front of the card, but you can’t retrieve them until you reveal that seal, and doing so will essentially penalize you to the tune of the $67 the Card Wallet retails for.

Of course, technically nothing is stored on the card: it simply holds the secret code needed to send the bitcoin from the address in which it is currently locked on the BTC network to a new address on the network.

Unlike a hardware wallet, there’s nothing to power up or plug in here, but that doesn’t mean that testing the Card Wallet is an entirely analog experience.

There is, after all, the QR code printed on the wallet, which, when scanned, reads the BTC address printed along the center.

While Coinfinity doesn’t support BCH at this time, bitcoin cash holders have the option of generating their ownpaper wallets, which can be printed at home.

For the same price you could pick up a basic hardware wallet, which will allow you to send, receive, and store a range of cryptocurrencies?

That said, there’s something magical about the seal on the Coinfinity that challenges you not to sully it, but rather to sporadically send funds to it, building up your nest egg over time.

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