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21 February 2020

Ripple CEO: Our Transparency Has Opened Us Up to Attack

Ripple CEO: Our Transparency Has Opened Us Up to Attack

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Alluding to the spate of controversies that have beset the project, Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, has argued that Ripple’s “transparency has opened us up to attack.”.

Pompliano revealed that by far the most listener questions related to the high-profile controversy over Ripple’s handling of XRP token sales, to which the CEO reiterated his earlier reassurances that the firm would choose to dump tokens and depreciate XRP’s value given that it is “the most interested party in the success and health of the Ripple ecosystem.

He emphasized that while Ripple may own the escrows, they have cryptographic signage on their contracts, meaning that the firm can’t open them at its behest.

While he conceded that he was himself long on Bitcoin — “it is working, it is scaled” — he said that when it comes to blockchain enterprise solutions, Ripple is the only project out there that has passed experimentation and moved onto scaled implementation

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