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28 September 2021

SafeMoon Price Rises 20% on Wallet Release - Decrypt

SafeMoon Price Rises 20% on Wallet Release - Decrypt

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But SafeMoon does have a few unique qualities.

Moreover, half of that 10% tax is proportionally split among SafeMoon holders based on how much they own, while the other half goes into a liquidity pool.

One possible reason for this is that SafeMoon isn't easy to get or swap—it trades in low volumes compared to other crypto in the top 100 of market cap—as it's not available on any major exchanges.

And some have warned that the company's large stake is a "manipulation risk."Still, at least for today, as nearly every other token swims in a sea of red, SafeMoon's holders are happy to be buoyed by the first piece of positive news in months.

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Alibaba Has Banned the Sale of Crypto Miners
published: 16 minutes ago
The China-based e-commerce company Alibaba has banned sales of cryptocurrency miners on its website, along with related accessories.

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