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21 September 2021

Sanctor Turbo Demo Day Round-Up

Sanctor Turbo Demo Day Round-Up

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Sanctor Turbo Demo Day Round-Up.

Sanctor Turbo Demo Day gave viewers a first look at the inaugural class to graduate from Sanctor Turbo, as well as expert panel discussions covering three of the hottest topics in the crypto space today. .

The first panel focused on interoperability in the crypto space and featured Yearn Finance creator Andre Cronje, ThorChain technical lead Chad Barraford, Moonbeam CEO Derek Yoo, and Jump Trading director of special projects Hendrik Hofstadt.

Cronje kicked things off by outlining his view that the multi-chain crypto landscape is similar to where Ethereum was in 2017 to 2018.

Lastly, the cohort put forward their views on the future of interoperability in the crypto space, with ThorChain’s Barraford highlighting the need for a multi-chain wallet.

Cronje also added that improved user experience would likely be a priority if more users are to start engaging with multiple cryptocurrencies as an interoperable network. .

The cohort also speculated on the future of the NFT space, exploring the idea that non-fungible assets are forming a new standard of information

Overall, Sanctor Demo Day was a huge success, highlighting the work of projects in the Sanctor Turbo program, and allowing developers from the up-and-coming projects to discuss ideas with experts in the crypto industry

Some of the equity-holders in Sanctor Capital also hold equity in Crypto Briefing

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