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28 September 2021

SEC Again Delays Ruling on VanEck's Bitcoin ETF - Decrypt

SEC Again Delays Ruling on VanEck's Bitcoin ETF - Decrypt

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A Bitcoin ETF is an investment tool that allows investors to buy shares that represent the biggest cryptocurrency by market cap.

But in the U.S., regulatory bigwigs are playing it safe: SEC Chair Gary Gensler hinted in August that the Commission might not even be inclined to approve a Bitcoin ETF—though he said that he “looked forward” to the SEC’s review of ETFs that track Bitcoin futures, which are investment products regulated by the CFTC

A futures ETF would allow investors to buy shares that represent futures contracts (which bet on the price of Bitcoin going up and down), rather than the digital asset itself

Some Bitcoin ETF purists, however, say that a futures ETF would be relatively inefficient and less desirable because, unlike spot-based products, they are less liquid and more costly for both the issuers and investors.

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