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23 October 2020 Lists TON Crystal (Free TON) | Live Bitcoin News Lists TON Crystal (Free TON) | Live Bitcoin News

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The Scottish platform became one of the first cryptocurrency platforms in the world to fully support the Free TON Project.

The platform shares Pavel Durov’s ideas on decentralization and freedom of speech without borders and demonstrates its commitment to these principles within the platform by a truly global approach towards users: all transactions on the platform are available with all world currencies and without commissions. unites the cryptocurrency trading platform, p2p platform secured with Escrow and Social Trust Scoring technologies, and the automated exchange where users can instantly sell or buy cryptocurrencies in a single click.

The developers shared that new cryptocurrency TON Crystal  differs  from traditional cryptocurrencies and explained how the team managed to become on of the first in the world to list TON Crystal:.

And we managed to become the first in CIS region and one of the first in the world.

For every cryptocurrency, there is a specific “Transact” server with the logic for operations with a node?

To list a cryptocurrency, it is usually enough to write one service (in fact, one provider in the service) and all other functions will work with APIs in a regular way.

This is how easy with the basic programming knowledge we have become the first in CIS and one of the first in the world to list Free TON

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