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22 April 2021

Signal under fire over MobileCoin partnership

Signal under fire over MobileCoin partnership

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Signal’s decision to integrate MobileCoin appears to have been made some time ago, with Internet Archive’s Jonah Edwards noting the source code for the cryptocurrency integration was kept private for nearly 12 months before being published to GitHub.

With MobileCoin’s MOB token rallying roughly 450% from March 28 until April 3, and news of the Signal integration pushing prices up to $66 as of April 7, some observers speculating that the price may have been affected by those with advance warning of the announcement.

Concerns have been raised regarding Moxie’s relationship to MobileCoin, with early copies of the project’s whitepaper appearing to list Marlinspike as MobileCoin’s CTO.

While MobileCoin’s CEO, Joshua Goldbard, has sought to assure the community that Marlinspike only served as a “technical advisor” to the project and has never served as an executive, Goldbard appears to have been inconsistent in his characterization of Marlinspike’s involvement with the project.

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