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09 July 2020

Spiritual Reflections on the Bitcoin Halving - CoinDesk

Spiritual Reflections on the Bitcoin Halving - CoinDesk

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You may have caught wind of this, what with #BitcoinHalving briefly trending on Twitter, an uptick in coverage of Bitcoin in the media over the past few days, or for some other reason.

There are good ways and bad ways to describe “the halving.” Or rather, there are ways that are factually true and then there are ways that are spiritually true.

Whatever mainstream coverage you read on this – if you found any at all – I would bet took the factually true route.

The lockdown meant everybody in the world celebrated the halving in the same place: on the internet.

Unlike New Year’s, therefore, it happened for everybody at the same time.

The Bitcoin halving happened at the same time for everybody because the Bitcoin protocol is the same thing for everybody.

Bitcoin’s reference time is the same for everybody, as is its reference value, as is its reference software, as indeed are its engendered social celebrations.

Moreover, these must be the same for everybody, because they exist as references in the first place because Bitcoin, the ecosystem, strongly encourages nonviolent agreement.

This is the factual reason that everybody can read it.

Factually, this served as a timestamp.

Spiritually, it served as a statement of purpose: a call to arms that cheekily elucidated why this radical experiment was even being attempted.

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