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23 November 2020

Square Allows Users to Purchase Bitcoin

Square Allows Users to Purchase Bitcoin

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Bitcoin has surged during recent weeks as people have sought new methods of hedging their wealth against inflation and other potential financial issues.

Thus, many have turned to gold and bitcoin as a way of keeping themselves financially stable should fiat ever take a wrong turn.

Greyscale Investments reports that many people have increased their crypto-buying habits.

There is a widely-held belief amongst our investors that bitcoin has solidified its place as digital gold.

When the shelter-in-place began and everything was getting deleveraged, stocks were getting sold, gold getting sold, bitcoin getting sold… Now, bitcoin has rebounded like crazy

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4 tips to avoid phishing attacks
published: 8 minutes ago
Phishing attacks attempt to trick crypto users into downloading programs or revealing personal information which could lead to a partial or total loss of their funds.

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