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20 January 2021 Launches High Yield APY DeFi Farming on | Press release Bitcoin News Launches High Yield APY DeFi Farming on | Press release Bitcoin News

smart summary beta Launches High Yield APY DeFi Farming on, a crypto currency DeFi startup and social media platform for streaming and gaming, partnered with, which allowed Streamix to be one of their first cryptocurrency projects to use their FaaS (Farming-as-a-Service) platform and drive more value.

Streamix recently launched their first high APY DeFi liquidity mining program with the help of, which is the innovative creators of FaaS (Farms-as-a-Service) technology.

With four highly active yield farming pools, Streamix effectively put their native token (MIXS) into public circulation by allowing crypto traders to earn MIXS by simply farming Ethereum (ETH).

To participate in one or all of Streamix’s four high yield farming pools with your crypto currencies holding, go to, and connect your preferred free wallets such as,, or

To add your liquidity to FaaS, buy MIXS with your ETH, or use other supported coins or tokens on can help facilitate and/or setup your high yield farming liquidity pools on ValueDeFi with you.

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