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19 April 2021

Survey: 9% Of US Teens Have Traded In Crypto - Decrypt

Survey: 9% Of US Teens Have Traded In Crypto - Decrypt

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The findings raise questions about whether or not teenagers should have access to volatile cryptocurrencies, and what crypto exchanges’ obligations are in that regard. .

He added that other reasons could include “airdrops, work for crypto, referral fees, bug bounty programs, or other sources of crypto income.”.

Whatever the route these teenagers have taken to crypto, it is theoretically possible for anyone to gain access to cryptoassets, despite age restrictions.

He added that,“More work should be done to make information about these risks of investing in cryptocurrencies or in anything on the Internet, easily available to everybody, including teenagers.” .

“Younger teens could be gifted crypto assets or be allowed to invest in them for the long term in the same way that other traditional financial instruments work, such as Junior ISAs or Premium Bonds,” Deane added. 

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