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31 July 2021

Sushi Gives Away “LSD” NFTs to Announce Trident AMM | Crypto Briefing

Sushi Gives Away “LSD” NFTs to Announce Trident AMM | Crypto Briefing

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Firstly, the introduction of constant product pools means users will no longer need to provide equal amounts of two assets to provide liquidity.

The new AMM also introduces weighted pools. Similar to constant product pools, weighted pools allowliquidity providers to move away from equal distributions when providing liquidity, instead allowing for a percentage-based split.

The Sushi team hopes concentrated liquidity will help alleviate yield dilution in popular pools

Users will need to provide liquidity to specific ranges instead of the entire pool, offering higher interest from fees in the selected range

However, Sushi boasts that Trident’s hybrid pools will allow for up to 32 different assets.  

While the introduction of Trident’s new pools aims to compete with existing DeFi “blue chips” such as Balancer, Uniswap, andCurve, users will have to wait until launch to see if the new AMM will live up to the hype. 

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