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30 September 2020

SushiSwap’s Protocol Can’t Easily Deliver Policy Changes - CoinDesk

SushiSwap’s Protocol Can’t Easily Deliver Policy Changes - CoinDesk

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“…[T]he current version of the MasterChef smart contract has hard coded the number of SUSHI tokens per block that can be awarded.

Fortunately, there is actually a fix for this limitation that doesn’t require another migration: Even if the reward is hard-capped, it’s possible to send extra rewards to a dead-end address that no one has access to (thus, to decrease rewards from 100 SUSHI to 50 SUSHI, every block reward would send 50 of the 100 SUSHI minted to this dead-end address).

More than inelegant, fixing the other limitations would require an overhaul of SushiSwap’s smart contracts entirely.  The problem stems from a design choice wherein the MasterChef contract (which has control over the protocol) is not upgradeable and actually ownsthe SushiToken contract, so migrating to a new MasterChef contract (e.g., MasterChefV2) would also require deploying a new SushiToken contract (SushiTokenV2), according to IntoTheBlock developer Pablo Bianciotto.

The code’s limitation would also interfere with implementing the fee payout proposal because there’s no way to transfer the vested tokens from the MasterChef contract into another contract for fee staking.

Fully migrating each smart contract would involved taking a snapshot of all user’s balances and airdropping new tokens after the new contracts are deployed, as well as migrating individual user data from all of SushiSwap’s liquidity pools; users would also have to unstake all SUSHI tokens in the SushiBar and in SUSHI/ETH staking pools prior to the snapshot.

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