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12 May 2021

Takamaka: Staking without Freezing

Takamaka: Staking without Freezing

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Takamaka, rather than freezing your tokens for an entire EPOCH, has developed a new PoS mechanism that allows you to spend them immediately after the valuation point.

The stake assigned to the main address is distributed among the various nodes of the main address at the Epoch Evaluation Point.

The cloud address is called the MAIN ADDRESS, the address of each individual server that makes up the cloud or mining pool is called the OVERFLOW ADDRESS.

This is because the evaluation point (indicated by the triangle) of that epoch has already passed.

Each time Takamaka acquires a snapshot, it checks the number of tokens in the wallet associated with that public key that made the transaction, adds them as a stake, and all the funds are delegated to the Node.

Once the snapshot has been taken, the User will always be able to spend the TKGs, or receive more on the staking address.

However, in order to take part in the staking process, users must prove they own at least 200 TKGs to stake on a node at the 8,000th block, corresponding to 1/3 of an EPOCH (evaluation point).

To get started with staking, you have to commit your TKGs on one of the Takamaka Network nodes.

But thanks to the Virtual Staking System, instead of preventing the user from completing the operation, the algorithm allows you to earn rewards over time that will be automatically reinvested in the staking process

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