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05 March 2021

Thanks a trillion Bitcoin, Binance Coin goes parabolic, NFT mania: Hodler’s Digest, Feb. 14–20

Thanks a trillion Bitcoin, Binance Coin goes parabolic, NFT mania: Hodler’s Digest, Feb. 14–20

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This is a feat that took the likes of Amazon and Google decades to achieve, with Bitcoin cementing its status as a major global asset in just 12 years.BTC even managed to overtake Tesla and Tencent as bullish momentum shows no signs of slowing down.

Recent historical data suggests that Bitcoin rallies in 2021 have tended to occur on weekends, and many analysts believe the world’s biggest cryptocurrency could attack the$60,000 level as the weekend progresses.

MicroStrategy’s spending splurge began back in August 2020, when it purchased21,454 BTC for$250 million — a price of about$11,650 per coin.At the time of writing, this stash alone will have generated a paper profit of $950 million.

Binance’s chief executive officer, Changpeng Zhao, noted that BNB has also been setting new all-time highs against Bitcoin.

Nonfungible token sales have been booming, with sales of crypto collectibles over the past 30 days surpassing$100 million in value. .

NBA Top Shot represented the lion share of NFTs sold, with CryptoKitties, the platform that started it all, enjoying a 305.92% surge in sales over the past month.

He warned: “Because of the near zero cost to create another NFT, the market will eventually be flooded with NFTs from artists trying to cash in on this craze.

The loud, unmistakable bark of DOGE has turned into a whimper this week, with prices falling by19% over the past seven days.

It’s worth noting that it’s unlikely this pullback wasn’t just down to Musk’s missives.There was an enormous pullback across the altcoin markets as the week began, with Bitcoin’s push to a new all-time high sucking volume out of smaller coins.

The Motley Fool has announced that it will invest$5 millioninto BTC and predicted that Bitcoin will rise to$500,000 in the next 15 years.

Expressing concern with privately issued currencies, he added:“You don’t want to go to a non-uniform currency where you’re walking into Starbucks and maybe you’ll pay with Ethereum, maybe you’ll pay with Ripple, maybe you’ll pay with Bitcoin, maybe you’ll pay with a dollar — that isn’t how we do this.”

The YouTuber said that he wasn’t bothered about paying in Bitcoin for the cars at the time — but the enormity of his lost gains have set in four years later

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