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02 June 2020

The Citizen App Leverages It’s Location Tracking In Contact Tracing Function

The Citizen App Leverages It’s Location Tracking In Contact Tracing Function

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Contact tracing, or the process of ascertaining who people infected with COVID-19 might have come into contact with during the period in which they were contagious, has traditionally been done by a human interviewer.

But to address the pandemic, multiple groups have been working on ways to use smartphones to track who people come into contact with.

In the U.S., Apple and Google have said they will launch updates to their operating systems that will allow apps to use Bluetooth proximity tracing, but have explicitly said they will not allow location tracking, given privacy concerns.

This logs who you came into contact with via a brief Bluetooth connection with a person’s device close to you and will be deleted 30 days after the fact, according to the company.

Such growth can lead to greater scale, more funding, and potentially the attention of advertisers down the road, he said (even though Citizen has said it will not serve user advertisements).

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