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22 June 2021

The female speakers who made an impact at Bitcoin2021 in Miami

The female speakers who made an impact at Bitcoin2021 in Miami

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While the lines to the bathroom made it obvious that there were nowhere near as many female attendees as there were males, there were also fewer women speakers than men at Bitcoin 2021.

Lummis mentioned that the “fun” thing about Bitcoin is that it’s very non-partisan and bi-partisan at the same time.

As such, she noted that it’s a great space for those struggling with other issues that are decisive in Congress.

For instance, when asked about centralization risks associated with exchanges, Long noted that the digital asset industry is making some of the same mistakes as traditional financial services:.

Alden explained that Bitcoin’s network effect is important to understand when considering Bitcoin as an investment asset.

She explained that in some ways, the layer-two aspect is more reliant on the network effect than Bitcoin’s base layer since the key limitation of the second layer is liquidity:.

As such, Fang noted that it’s important to keep Bitcoin developer funding diversified and flexible.

An interesting point regarding Bitcoin and decentralization was further made by Alyse Killeen during the “Investing in the Bitcoin Ecosystem Panel.” Killeen told Cointelegraph that the panel mainly focused on the risks that can occur when money is centralized, such as inflation.

It’s also important to mention that there was one female artist featured at the event’s Bitcoin art gallery, which showcased an elaborate collection of Bitcoin-inspired artwork from various creators.

While a handful of female speakers discussed relevant topics on stage at Bitcoin 2021, notable female attendees had news to share with Cointelegraph.

Mandy Campbell, head of content for OKCoin, told Cointelegraph that she had heard from a lot of inspiring women at Bitcoin 2021:

Overall, while there were significantly fewer women speakers and attendees than men at Bitcoin 2021, the event was still high-level, informative and fun

For instance, Teodora Atanasova, VIP relations manager and founding team member at crypto-friendly bank Nexo, told Cointelegraph that Nexo sponsored the Bitcoin art gallery at Bitcoin 2021

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