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13 May 2021

The Incentives Of Bitcoin Rewards Rise With The Price

The Incentives Of Bitcoin Rewards Rise With The Price

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The Bitcoin-focused companies that have had initial success share some common traits: they engage with the community, they iterate on their products in ways that continue to provide value to their customer base, and they respond to feedback by actually taking action.

The companies in this space that will win are those that build their businesses accordingly.

I will share a bit about my personal experience and a friend’s success in doing business with these companies.

When these rewards products came to market, I jumped on them immediately, and I found myself with a fire lit under my ass trying to add value to the world as quickly as possible while also drastically reducing my frivolous spending.

Not to mention that the reduced rewards I'm earning today will look incredible in due time.

When I have shared my experience with others, I have often heard that, because of my business, I was lucky to be in the position where I could spend more than any ordinary consumer would have.

Chad found himself out of a job because of some recent health events you may have seen in the news.

In addition to that, Chad was using his Fold card to get bitcoin rewards on most of those material purchases, which were being reimbursed with other people’s money.

Chad has since been hired by one of these contractors to be a project manager with a salary 50% higher than any job he’s had previously.

Companies will be forced out of their fiat mindsets and will have to realign with bitcoin incentives to remain competitive.

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