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25 January 2021

The Neuroscientist Who Became a Bitcoin Data Guru - Decrypt

The Neuroscientist Who Became a Bitcoin Data Guru - Decrypt

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Glassnode is one of the foremost on-chain data companies in the Bitcoin ecosystem, turning blockchain data into 250 metrics of actionable information for its clients.

“If you use data it’s about having a better understanding of the workings, whether it’s the blockchain, a company, or the brain.

That year, he met some Swiss cryptocurrency investors, while working as a data scientist, and realised he could apply his techniques to the blockchain.

Schultze-Kraft explains that there are two main challenges with blockchain data.

Second, it’s difficult to cut out the noise—for example, if an exchange moves its cold wallet storage, this would look like a major event where a lot of Bitcoin had been moved, but in reality was a much lesser affair.

Because he’s so familiar with what’s happening on Bitcoin at the blockchain level, he also has a unique perspective into what’s really going on.

There are three main pieces of on-chain data that Schultze-Kraft looks at to understand the current Bitcoin market and where it might be heading in the future.

He argued that it’s likely going into cold wallets, where Bitcoin is stored for the long term.

He also said that the Bitcoin blockchain is becoming more active

All of this points to more users getting involved with the Bitcoin blockchain itself

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