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18 April 2021

The Second Edition of NFT Awards Announced, Intense Competition Expected

The Second Edition of NFT Awards Announced, Intense Competition Expected

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Digital Entertainment Asset Pte Ltd (DEA), a Singapore based new-age digital entertainment major has announced the NFT Awards 2021 – an exercise that enables the crypto industry to recognize some of the best NFT creators and reward them for their contributions to the space.

Programs like NFT Awards act as gatekeepers to the ecosystem by educating the community about NFTs so that they can recognize the assets for what they are worth.

Like Oscars and Emmys for Film and Television, the NFT Awards for blockchain sector will encourage creators to create quality assets, leading to the industry’s sustainable and healthy growth.

Founded by Naohito Yoshida, DEA is a full-fledged digital entertainment ecosystem that leverages the power of blockchain technology to create a data-driven economy.

The DEA ecosystem makes extensive use of NFTs to monetize digital entertainment so that both creators and consumers are compensated for their efforts.

Using blockchain technology makes digital content universally accessible while encouraging participation by compensating users with digital assets that can be used in the ecosystem and the real world.

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