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28 September 2021

The Wallet of the Future: Introducing Aurum Secure Wallet

The Wallet of the Future: Introducing Aurum Secure Wallet

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The Aurum Secure Wallet is a one-of-a-kind product that apart from letting users buy and sell tokens, has a whole host of new functionalities.

There will be an accurate price tracking feature that lets users track the live value of their portfolio at any given time, making it easier for them to manage and redistribute assets in their portfolio.  There’s also the live price charts feature combined with live transactions that let users track individual assets and make quick transactions when needed.

The wallet will run in the beta version for two weeks during which the community of users can test all the different features and provide feedback directly to Aurum.

Aurum takes all this to the next level by not providing users with exponential rewards but also letting them choose the token in which they receive their rewards

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