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08 March 2021

Three Reasons Why Metadata Privacy Is the Next Level Evolution Towards Data Privacy

Three Reasons Why Metadata Privacy Is the Next Level Evolution Towards Data Privacy

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Whatever you do online, sending & receiving any data, HOPR provides the tools and framework for a privacy-first layer zero of the Web3 ecosystem, ensuring everyone has control of their privacy, data, and crypto assets.

HOPR provides complete network-level metadata privacy, which is extremely important in the digital age.

While the platforms encrypt these transactions, they can create caches and metadata that contains detailed information about the transactions.

HOPR understands the importance of total metadata privacy and provides complete network-level metadata privacy.

This decentralized network, which in testnets already had up to 3’000 nodes running, has a unique proof-of-relay mechanism that rewards every node runner with HOPR tokens.

The platform incentivizes the community members to run HOPR nodes in exchange for HOPR tokens while contributing to online data privacy.

HOPR is about to revolutionize how we will send data in the future.

Every community member that runs a HOPR node will be rewarded for their efforts and contribution to digital privacy.

The company even offers a dedicated HOPR hardware node in order to relay more data and earn more tokens.

These HOPR tokens will be given to the HOPR Node runners, as they will send your data, in a private & secure manner.

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