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13 May 2021

Ticketing platforms use blockchain to engage with customers post-pandemic

Ticketing platforms use blockchain to engage with customers post-pandemic

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Blockchain technology, in particular, is being leveraged by major ticketing platforms as a solution to deliver digital tickets, special offers, updates and more to event-goers.

For example, Live Nation Entertainment — one of the world’s leading live entertainment companies consisting of Ticketmaster, Live Nation Concerts and Live Nation Sponsorship — will use a blockchain network to engage, communicate and reward ticket holders moving forward.

Specifically, Live Nation SAS (France) will leverage TixTo.Me, a digital entertainment wallet created by the ticketing company FanDragon Technologies and Aventus Network, a layer-two blockchain protocol.

Alan Rakov, CEO of FanDragon, told Cointelegraph that Live Nation France wanted to find a way to retain its ticket holders, noting that the single biggest issue facing the ticketing industry in 2020 was refunding ticket holders for concerts that were canceled due to the coronavirus:.

The BSO recently formed a partnership with True Tickets, a blockchain-based ticketing platform powered by Hyperledger Fabric, to create a ticket-buying experience to meet post-COVID-19 requirements.

Matt Zarracina, co-founder and CEO of True Tickets, told Cointelegraph that the solution will enable the BSO to gain better knowledge into who possesses a ticket from point-of-sale to when tickets are scanned:.

While True Tickets’ blockchain platform will ultimately allow BSO patrons to bypass will call and physical ticket transactions, digital ticketing will also let the BSO communicate with ticket holders before, after and during events.

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