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18 January 2021

Today’s Top 5 NFT Crypto Games / Leading NFT Games of 2020

Today’s Top 5 NFT Crypto Games / Leading NFT Games of 2020

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The landscape of crypto games has changed dramatically from 2017.

In fact, the popularity of the game is still so high, by virtue of its classic prestige, ease of use and well cuteness,that it leads our list of today’s Top 5 NFT Crypto Games.

With its stellar team of ex-Google and Riot Games engineers led by Chris Clay, the former game Director of Magic: The Gathering Arena, Gods Unchained garnered $15 million in funding, helping it to become one of the top games of the blockchain gaming community.

Our 4th pick is a next-level immersive collectible platform incorporating mobile, AR, and VR with unique social, gaming, and creative experiences, powered and secured by a blockchain.

This platform is a stand-out due to the near-infinite possibilities for collectors of digital assets.

Users own their unique digital assets, show them in their personalized Terra Art Galleries, FanCaves or Terra Domes and show, share, trade, and participate with them — and with others if desired.

TerraVirtua is on its way to becoming the leading platform to share, trade and interact with digital collectibles in creative, social, engaging and immersive ways.

The platform aims to combine the best of traditional fantasy sports gaming with blockchain gaming.

It’s built on a set of smart contracts to interact with users managing liquid stock markets, with assets that can be traded at any time.

This creates a platform for games of competing sports knowledge that’s not just fun, but potentially quite profitable.

Tradestars offers gamers an exciting and unique opportunity in the blockchain gaming space

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