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25 November 2020

Tokenization will bring desirable stability to emerging markets

Tokenization will bring desirable stability to emerging markets

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In other words, markets need liquidity, which is partly derived from participation.

In the end, more participation would lead to higher liquidity, but political-economic systems can impede progress.

Many emerging markets, although not all, also operate under political regimes that hinder financial participation, with swaths of the population unable to access a bank or an investing account remotely, limiting social mobility and liquidity as well as increasing the wealth gap.

The underlying concept for blockchain’s development stems from a familiar system and feeling that people in emerging markets face: centralized power and not much to do about it.

Ultimately, empowering the people with blockchain-based finance should, theoretically, lead to more accessibility and, subsequently, participation, especially for the unbanked or financially strained.

What this means is that not only can retail investors previously shut out due to the high cost of assets be exposed to the market, but liquidity would also be dramatically boosted.

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