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01 April 2020

Tom Lee Offers His Most Realistic BTC Price Prediction

Tom Lee Offers His Most Realistic BTC Price Prediction

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Tom Lee, a senior analyst at Fundstrat, is at it again and predicting bitcoin’s price despite claiming at the end of 2018 that he would never try to predict where bitcoin would go again.

Lee comments that 2020 is likely to end the year with bitcoin doubling its present price, and this, for the most part, appears to be his most realistic and down-to-earth prediction yet.

Despite spending the previous 11 months in a lowly state, Lee was always quick to push the currency’s price abilities, claiming that it would end the year at $25,000, then $20,000, then finally ending his year-long streak of predictions at $15,000.

Either way, bitcoin did not reach any of those prices by the time 2019 came about, and Lee appeared to admit defeat when he stated that he would cease predicting bitcoin’s price and focus more on technical trends.

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