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02 December 2020

Tor Pursues 'Anonymous Tokens' to Stop Hacks, DoS Attacks - CoinDesk

Tor Pursues 'Anonymous Tokens' to Stop Hacks, DoS Attacks - CoinDesk

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The scenario he envisioned is one where the onion service could issue these tokens and give them to clients who have already demonstrated their trustworthiness (in ways yet to be determined).

These trusted clients would then give their tokens to the onion service when they connect and, in doing so, get service before an untrusted user (eg., a potential attacker). 

Users could also apply their tokens toward acquiring private bridges and exit nodes, which would potentially provide additional security

They have a collection of private bridges that are not publicly available; these can be handed out a few at a time to clients in order to impede enumeration and IP address-blocking by censors

In terms of other ways of earning these tokens, Tor lays out a number of options, such as allowing connected sites to award tokens to trusted users or giving users tokens with every donation they make to the project

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