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26 November 2020

Traders Everywhere Enjoy Bitcoin Pizza Day

Traders Everywhere Enjoy Bitcoin Pizza Day

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Traders and crypto enthusiasts around the world celebrated by snacking and munching on pizza not necessarily because it’s so good, but because it’s part of a now ten-year tradition that many industry players like to celebrate.

Hanyecz decided he was hungry and that he didn’t want to pay cash for his meal.

He quickly put out a message on Bitcoin Talk, a cryptocurrency group discussion forum, saying that he was eager to pay for his lunch with bitcoin granted someone was willing to engage in the trade.

He agreed to the trade and accepted the 10,000 BTC from Hanyecz granted that he would order and paid for the pizzas.

The events have become monumental for the crypto community, though there are many that wonder, “How rich would Hanyecz be if he had just gone out, bought groceries and allowed those BTC units to grow?”

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