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28 July 2021

Twitter's Jack Dorsey Attends B Word Conference | Crypto Briefing

Twitter's Jack Dorsey Attends B Word Conference | Crypto Briefing

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Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey attended “The B Word,” a virtual Bitcoin conference that took place online today.

Dorsey began by saying that he sees Bitcoin as having the potential to become the native currency of the Internet?

Though Square holds $255 million of Bitcoin and handles Bitcoin transactions on behalf of its users, Dorsey emphasized that the financial value of Bitcoin is only part of Square’s focus.

Dorsey also responded to the possibility of allowing Twitter advertisers to pay in Bitcoin.

Dorsey commented that today’s advertising and online business models would be entirely different if Bitcoin had existed before YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook came into existence

Dorsey concluded by stating that he hopes Bitcoin creates world peace, noting that the issues and inequalities in current financial systems distract and prevent people from solving larger issues

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