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27 July 2021

Two Rabbis Are NFT'ing the Torah, the 'Original Blockchain' - Decrypt

Two Rabbis Are NFT'ing the Torah, the 'Original Blockchain' - Decrypt

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Two tech-savvy rabbis, Jonathan Caras in Jerusalem and Mordecai Lightstone in Brooklyn, are turning the Torah into NFTs.

Owning a physical Torah scroll is considered a mitzvah (good deed), since a proper Torah scroll is hand-inscribed by a trained artisan on parchment paper in a sacred process that can cost as much as $50,000.

For years, there have already been programs for religious Jews to purchase and “own” a single letter in a physical Torah.

“By purchasing a single letter in a Torah, technically speaking, the letter you own completes the whole scroll,” Lightstone says.

The money raised from the selling of the NFT artworks on OpenSea will go to fund the creation of two Torah scrolls, to be gifted to Arugot Farm, a Jewish community in the desert in Israel, and to Tech Tribe, a community for techie Jews in New York City led by Lightstone and his wife Chana.

Ultimately, Caras and Lightstone would like to fund 18 Torah scrolls, and sell NFTs tied to the letters in those scrolls.

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