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22 April 2021

Ukrainian Officials Own $2.67 Billion in Bitcoin: Report - Decrypt

Ukrainian Officials Own $2.67 Billion in Bitcoin: Report - Decrypt

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Civil servants and officials in Ukraine are holding a significant amount of Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital assets, and some of them can even be considered whales, local data analytics platformOpendatabotreported yesterday.

In dollar terms, this means that Ukraine’s civil servants combined hold roughly $2.67billionworth of Bitcoin at today’s prices—counting only those who officially declared their BTC holdings.

Speaking toDecrypt, Max Krupyshev, CEO of crypto payments processor Coinspaid, noted that Ukraine has always been "very active in the crypto field," so it’s not surprising that the country's public officials aren't strangers to the cryptocurrency.

"A growing number of public officials holding the crypto assets may lead this group of people to lobby regulation on crypto," he toldDecrypt, noting that were a legal framework to be successfully created, "Ukraine may accelerate the digital revolution and overcome its economic difficulties in other sectors." 

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