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13 May 2021

UnoRe Ecosystem for Investors – Press release Bitcoin News

UnoRe Ecosystem for Investors – Press release Bitcoin News

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UnoRe, the first decentralized reinsurance platform, is now allowing retail users to invest in risk.

This opportunity is a part of the project’s vision to revolutionize the reinsurance industry, one that has been traditionally gatekept, preventing any significant innovation in hundreds of years.

Initially building on Ethereum (soon to be migrated to PolkaDot!), the platform will be to reinsurance what stock market apps were to the offline stock market of the 90s;UnoReplans to transform ‘risk’ into a commodity that retail investors can invest into and earn significant profits from!

“My experience within this sector made it apparent to me how Reinsurance as an investment is a severely untapped industry –UnoRewas born as a vision to allow retail investors entry into this impervious market and enable them to leverage it to its fullest monetary potential.“ –Jaskanwar Singh, CEO of UnoRe.

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