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01 March 2021

US Education Department promotes putting student records on blockchain

US Education Department promotes putting student records on blockchain

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According to Soares, blockchain technology can help empower students by providing them with control over their educational records like degrees and transcripts.

According to Soares, the winning teams — from Arizona, Nebraska, Texas and Utah — showed potential for using blockchain and distributed ledger technology to streamline the sharing of educational records.

Greg Heileman, vice provost for undergraduate education at the University of Arizona, told Cointelegraph that UnBlockEd empowers students by giving them self-sovereignty over their learning records.

Heileman noted that this is achieved through a decentralized identity management system that allows students to control who has access to their learning records, or transcripts:.

He pointed out that while universities and educational groups can issue students digital credentials, employers are not yet requesting them: “We are still building ecosystems around this involving education and government standards."

Fortunately, Platz noted that the new administration of President Joe Biden shows potential for implementing new technology standards focused on blockchain and other emerging technologies that can provide benefits

It’s also encouraging to see that other countries have started to store educational certificates and records on blockchain networks

While this may be, an MIT Media Lab blog post explaining lessons learned from the project noted that an important takeaway has been that blockchain is a complicated technology and that there are still very few people who understand it.

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