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23 June 2021

U.S. Investors Netted $4.1 Billion From Bitcoin Gains In 2020

U.S. Investors Netted $4.1 Billion From Bitcoin Gains In 2020

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realized $4.1 billion in bitcoin gains in 2020, by far the highest gains by investors in any country.

investors collectively made over $4 billion in realized Bitcoin gains in 2020, more than 3x the next highest country, China,” according to the report.

Chainalysis calculated the world’s 2020 bitcoin gains by measuring on-chain flows to different cryptocurrency exchanges, then approximating the total USD gains made by measuring the difference in that bitcoin’s USD price at the time it was withdrawn from the platforms compared to what it was when it was received.

“That analysis gave us a reasonable estimate for the realized gains Bitcoin investors in each country earned in 2020, though it doesn’t account for gains on assets that have yet to be withdrawn from an exchange.”.

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