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21 January 2021

US Representatives Add Digital Currencies to the 2021 Defense Bill | Bitcoin News

US Representatives Add Digital Currencies to the 2021 Defense Bill | Bitcoin News

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Many of the firm's clients have been asking about investing in bitcoin.

"We have been positioning in gold for our clients for ...

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After the split, numerous users have been looking for methods in order to split their ...

Facebook's Libra Crypto Gets Ready to Launch in January as a Single Coin Facebook's libra cryptocurrency is reportedly preparing to launch with a single cryptocurrency, a scaled-down version of its original plan.

Launch Date for Facebook's Libra The cryptocurrency libra, proposed ...

The mystery miner has been mining a great number of sequential blocks, but almost all of them have been empty.

No, You Can't Buy Shares in Bitcoin With bitcoin going through an extended bull-run, scammers and con artists have been on hand to exploit a general fear of missing out (FOMO).

Russia to Recognize Bitcoin as Property With Legal Protection The Russian prime minister has outlined the government's plans to amend existing laws to recognize cryptocurrency as property.

In contrast, she sees stablecoins, such as Facebook-backed libra, as posing "serious risks." Christine Lagarde, Bitcoin, and Facebook's Libra The president ...

Mastermind of Bitcoin Mining Ponzi Scheme Extradited to the US: $20 Million in Victims' Funds Laundered The US government says it has extradited Gutemberg Dos Santos, the co-founder of the Airbit Club Ponzi scheme from Panama and he now awaits his trial in a Manhattan court.

Historian Niall Ferguson Says Bitcoin Is Winning the Covid-19 Monetary Revolution Historian and senior fellow with the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, Niall Ferguson says bitcoin is winning the Covid-19 monetary revolution.

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