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19 April 2021

VICTORIA VR Creates a Living, Breathing VR Metaverse on Blockchain

VICTORIA VR Creates a Living, Breathing VR Metaverse on Blockchain

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Built using the time-tested, open-source Unreal Engine, the VICTORIA VR ecosystem is a metaverse complete with games, decentralized applications, NFTs and other crypto assets.

–          Photorealistic graphics using real-life photos rendered by the latest Unreal Engine –          In-built special effects solutions for VR content creators –          Quest system for user engagement that rewards the community for their activities in the ecosystem –          Staking feature offering returns of up to 18% p.a as rewards –          Highly scalable server solution to support the virtual reality ecosystem –          Multiple earning opportunities –          Decentralization and Algorithmization that allows all creations to live forever within the ecosystem.

Buying VR tokens will allow investors to become part of a self-sustaining ecosystem that blends blockchain technology into virtual reality.

With VR applications gaining prominence in almost all sectors, as people find alternatives to physical interaction, VICTORIA VR provides a place where these interactions can happen in a hyper-realistic virtual world.

The fun can go on as each interaction with the VICTORIA VR’s virtual world can earn more rewards that can be used to access more areas and features of the VR metaverse.

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