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28 May 2020

Video: Paul Puey on Edge Wallet and Bitcoin Privacy

Video: Paul Puey on Edge Wallet and Bitcoin Privacy

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Video: Paul Puey on Edge Wallet and Bitcoin Privacy.

As opposed to the process of users purchasing coins from a centralized exchange and transferring them to their own wallets, Edge operates as a noncustodial exchange where it allows users to buy, sell and trade bitcoin.

Edge doesn’t try to compete with cold storage in terms of security — instead, it offers the kind of interface that users of traditional banking services will find familiar and grants the kind of encryption that mainly focuses on preventing individual errors. .

Puey also made it clear that Edge doesn’t collect data about how users interact with their wallets: “The app is very client-side and we don’t track our users.

With regard to Bitcoin privacy, Puey believes that it should exist as a default option for all users.

As an occasional GitHub contributor to Monero projects, Puey is a firm believer that Bitcoin should also transition to privacy by default.

In his view, it’s transparency that should be voluntary when users decide to reveal their private keys to the world for audit purposes. .

Given the creation of multiple Tor-related libraries for bitcoin wallets, Puey is also considering integrating the IP-mixing technology in Edge: And when it happens, it will be on by default, just like private-key encryption and every other privacy feature.

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