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09 July 2020

VideoCoin Adds Cash Payments and Rewards in Bid to Take On AWS - CoinDesk

VideoCoin Adds Cash Payments and Rewards in Bid to Take On AWS - CoinDesk

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A broader reach is essential, says Minor, CEO of Live Planet, an immersive video startup that provides technology to VideoCoin, in order to take the fight to the market-leading Amazon Web Services (AWS).

But farming out the processing and storage requirements to hundreds of thousands of so-called “zombie servers” that do next to nothing most of the time means VideoCoin will cost firms a third of the price of Amazon, said Minor.

“As the global video business moves larger volumes of content to internet delivery, the costs of processing and delivering video have become a huge burden for major media companies,” said John Ward, executive vice president and CTO of video-streaming provider iNDEMAND.

The VideoCoin platform can be accessed by developers looking to build on its infrastructure and streaming companies that can take advantage of cheaper processing, as well as the holders of dormant hardware who want to earn money putting it to use (known as “workers”).

“Streaming cameras have become one of the largest sources of video on the internet today, and demonstrates how dynamic the market for video processing is,” Minor said.

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